Funeral Advice

Funeral Advice

The paperwork required for burial varies
depending on the circumstances of the death.

For expected deaths or those not referred to the Coroner,
a Formal Notice and Medical Certificate on Cause of Death
are needed, along with a Certificate for Burial (Green Form)
provided by the Registrar. Unexpected deaths referred to
the Coroner require Form 100 (Pink Form) or Form 101
(Order for Burial), along with the Green Form if Form 100 is given.

Stillborns below the 24th week of pregnancy require specific forms detailing the stillbirth, while those in or after the 24th week require a Medical Certificate of Stillbirth and a Certificate of Registration of Stillbirth.

Registration of the death should occur promptly at the Registrar of Deaths for the sub-district where the death occurred, with necessary documents including the Medical Certificate or Pink Form, the deceased’s medical card, birth and marriage certificates if available, and relevant personal details.

Funeral arrangements, including body preparation, transportation, and burial, are facilitated once the necessary burial documents are obtained, either through a Muslim funeral director or arrangements made independently with assistance from the local mosque or community. It’s also advisable to check if the deceased had prearranged burial plans.

Local mosques that provide funeral services include:

Al Janaza Funeral Services

020 8531 2047

Harrow Central Mosque

0208 861 1234 (option 5)

Wembley Central Mosque

Contact: Brother Mehboob
07939 239238

Hendon Mosque

Funeral director for Hendon Mosque: Imam Ibrahim Ghari
07949 537 968